About Me

Hi! My name is Amparo

specialized in Industrial and Graphic Design, in my portfolio you can see some of my projects, the way I work and some of my skills.


About my point of view, design is the end result of a complete process, whose objective is to find a solution suitable to a particular problems. It involves sketches, investigation, prototypes and of course the final user. The idea is to recognize and innovate about the trends and the deficiencies in the market, trying to design always in a functional and visual way.


A design project never ends, it can be constantly improved, that is why I am always trying to enhance myself in different areas.


“As designers we need to learn from our personal experience, because it will always be reflected in our work and projects.”

Work Experience


Indigo B&R (Madrid, Spain)

2018 · Industrial Designer (Project)

Design of exhibitors and communication elements for supermarkets and shopping centers.
Technical development, technical draws, 3D rendering and preparation of visual presentations of the project.
Supplier management, choice of materials and production, and printing techniques.


Sand & Birch – Luxury Design (Latina, Italy)

2016 · Industrial Designer, Internship (3 months)

Creating design, sketching and experimental concepts

Produce user requirements, specifications, storyboards, CAD renderings, prototypes, and a range of concepts for new products.

Market analysis, collect research data, and translate it into design solutions.
Generate unique & creative ideas from color, design, and consumer trends.

Working in an international team that come from diverse design areas (like graphic designer, communication designer, and mechanical engineer)


Olprim – Street Furniture (Gijón, Spain)

2016 · Industrial Designer, Internship (4 months)

Creating design, sketching and new concepts. Problem Solving

Construction of 3D CAD models and technical drawings to show the intention of design and creation of prototypes.

Presentation design concepts to management and internal partners. Preparing both 2D and 3D materials that make effective concept presentations.


MSMK – Madrid School of Marketing (Madrid, Spain)

2017 – 2018 · Web & Graphic Designer

Landings and microsites design. Management of the corporate website.
Creation of advertising campaigns, banners and different graphic elements.
Email Marketing (design, creation, planning, fragmentation of databases and sending).
Design and layout of advertising material: brochure, roll-up, corporate brochures, flyers …
Support to the marketing department (internal and external communication, production and organization of events, optimization of the product offer …).


Adecco Training (Madrid, Spain)

2017 · Graphic Designer, Internship (3 months)

Design HTML layout for communications of interest: mailings, invitations, banners, campaigns and online marketing.

Management of materials of all kinds for the development of fairs and events. Design and layout of internal presentations.

Design and commercial proposals.


Signum – Communication & Design (Avilés, Spain)

2011 · Graphic Designer, Internship (4 months)

Creating effective, engaging designs across print materials.

Ideate and construct ideas within a team based design environment.

Designs based on direction and feedback from Creative Director.


Adobe Photoshop0%
Adobe Illustrator0%
Adobe InDesign0%
Adobe After Effects0%

Other: Wordpress, HTML3, CSS4, Freehand, QuarkXpress, Adobe Bridge+CameraRaw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere.

Autodesk Showcase0%
Autodesk Inventor0%
3ds Max0%
Solid Works0%

Other: Siemens NX, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, SketchUp



Design College of Asturias (Asturias, Spain)

2012-2016 · Industrial Design Degree

• Methodology and innovation

• Furniture design

• Urban design elements

• Lighting design

• Packaging design

• Artistic drawing

• Prototyping

• Design management


Hogeschool West Vlaanderen (Kortrijk, Belgium)

2015 · Erasmus

• Visualization and presentation

• 3D CAD modeling (Siemens NX)

• Design and Prototyping

• User Centered Design


Escuela de Negocios y Dirección

Universidad Europea Miguel Cervantes (Madrid, Spain) 

2017 · Specialization Course

• Advertising

• Marketing online


IES Pando (Oviedo, Spain)

2009-2011 · High-Level Technical Degree

• Digital prepress processes organization

• Graphic products design

• Production management in editing processes

• Editorial production

• Packaging structural design

• Design and planning of multimedia publishing projects

• Design and edition projects in printed and multimedia publications


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