About This Project

The goal of this project was the design or the redesign an assistive product, tool or add-on for seniors.

After doing several interviews with various seniors, we can observe that they all have something in common, and it is playing cards and spending their time doing their hobbies.

Sometimes it can be a problem for them and their mobility. Many elderly people suffer from muscle problems. We seek different solutions on the market to detect this problem and none of it is really suited for older people with this kind of problems.

We made different prototypes and tested with an elderly person. Given the size and complexity of some object we opted for 3D printing.

The “union” of the two parts is simple, it is just one above the other. To keep it simple, a small slit holds the cards. This holder rests on top of the base. The quality of the 3D print is positive. The final design is an ergonomic and easy to use product.

With its curved shape the rest of the players can not see the cards of the user, and in turn this will always be aware of the game without having to hold the product all the time.

Industrial Design