Home Brewery

About This Project

Since 2012 we are experiencing a real “boom” in the Spanish brewer panorama. We are facing a long term cultural change and it has been growing for years. Home brewing is on the agenda. So the current supply of brewery equipment is extensive. However, a widespread lack of aesthetics of such products is detected. The vast majority puts all the attention to performance, and neglects the appearance.

Once we know the brewing process, we can know what is necessary to carry out the development. We have done a market study on current products and evaluation. We got in touch with various users who currently make beer at home to meet the user needs first hand. After talking to distributors and brands, we discovered a new potential customer.

We want to develop a new, more compact brewer that has a simple aesthetic consistent with current trends. Also we seek a product that can be used by one person or more, easy to carry and we want to design it with eco-friendly materials.

This is a simple and compact microbrewery, with an aesthetic that seeks simplicity and class.

Industrial Design