Night Table Concept

About This Project

Furniture design focused on innovation and self-production.
The main point is innovation in the field of furniture. We look for new needs and current problems unresolved.
The furniture adapted to new technologies is an interesting field because the technology seems to advance faster than our furniture.
Therefore through creative techniques and sketches we seek a solution to use electronic devices on a new kind of bedside table.
So with this bedside table design you can watch movies on your laptop, read on your tablet or have your mobile device plugged in near you when you are in your bed.
The final solution consists of two tables, one fixed and one movable. The movable table can be placed easily on the bed and your laptop or tablet can remain on the table when you close it.
The table has an electrical connection so that objects can be plugged directly into it.
In the images you can se the funcional prototye, but it is not the aesthetics prototype.


Industrial Design